Friday, November 21, 2008

Hellooo! Howdy!!! Hi!!!!

Ok, so Medusa and I haven't been here in months, but I feel in the mood for some time at Crazy Medusa's lounge. And I KNOW some people have this in their rss readers. So here I am! Hi! How are you?!?!

(more after I alert people through my blog that I've decided to stop on by to Crazy Medusa's.)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Ok, so here's the deal

  1. Medusa thinks Cisco Adler's balls must be photo-shopped. I disagree. Why would anyone do such a thing?
  2. Crazy wants to stop multitasking and to eat something. Medusa says that she is a liar and that she just wants to talk to her New Style American Boyfriend (who's not even) on the phone. But dude. I'm hungry.
  3. Prince is hot, hands down. There is no grossness to Prince.

Crazy is checking out. Have a good night, lovelies!

And Yes, We Are Ashamed

Well, frequent visitors to Crazy Medusa's Lounge have come to expect a collage at the end of the evening. A collage that reflects the slumber-party-esque vibe of our establishment, which caters to the desires that we all have to ogle dreamy men. (I mean, sure, there was an aberration or two in the Lame-Fookers collage, but still, some dreaminess to behold.) Tonight, however, we feel that we must confess our most shameful desires. Our most perverse. Indeed, we must reveal the dark underbelly of the thoughts that flicker through the minds of Crazy and Medusa. And thus, we bring you the following:

What we are saying here is that, yes, we would have sex with each and every one of these people. (Indeed, one of us actually has had sex with one of these people.) You think this is not shameful? Let's go through this one more time:

Edited to add the shameful desires of others:

Should you be ashamed?

Yes, you should.

Edited to add the simply and utterly shameful desires of others:

Cisco Adler, totally undesirable (but ballsy, I must say):

Tom Petty:

I personally ike this version of Petty better:

Possible Topics

We feel that those at the lounge are not being terribly vocal. Thus, we thought we should maybe give some possible discussion topics:

  • What are you drinking?
  • What have you been doing this evening?
  • Do you want to know anything in particular about Crazy or Medusa, things that we might not reveal on our home blogs but that we might be inclined to reveal in a drinking establishment?
  • What's your sign?
  • How do you feel about vegetarianism?
  • What music are you listening to?
  • Etc.?
So yeah, let's get this party started, people. Medusa and I can't do everything :)

Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend!

Hello, everyone! It's Crazy here, speaking for both Crazy and Medusa, as Medusa gets to serious work on tonight's "Teen Dream" collage, which promises to be unlike any other you've seen before. So, how is everyone? Any news? Things to chat about while tonight's entertainment is created? Crazy and Medusa are both feeling quite overwhelmed by this end of the semester, as well as by our own terribly complicated lives. So, questions? Comments? Topics for discussion? Do give a shout if you stop on over!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Crazy Here

Ok, I feel that I need to post something because I'm bored with the discussion of sinus difficulties in the comments to the previous post. Here are some things we might discuss:

1. Mick St. John - biggest Pussy of a Vampire that ever was. Medusa and I believe that vampires in the way of Angel, Spike, and Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys should come to kick his ass in the final episode of Moonlight, should it be canceled. That said, I really do love the show, in all of its crappy wonder.

2. Dudes who can't get it together to shit or get off the pot. I'll not elaborate, but feel free to discuss.

3. Why is it that Crazy has met more dudes through her blog in the past two years who actually seem to have some real potential than she's met in life? Is Crazy an internet hussy?

4. Is Medusa's sister embarassing her right now?

5. Margo, Darling, get that wine out of the Target Box and weigh in!

Howdy Ho!

Tonight, we will have an open topic. Because Crazy and Medusa are at a loss. So. Your task, as patrons of this fine establishment, is to make some vibrant and witty conversation. We promise to participate. All topics, great and small, are welcome :)